About Us

Our Journey

Since we began breeding in 1992 our aim has been to produce lines of alpacas with highly predictable breeding outcomes. Through careful selection of our sires and dams we have been able to reduce micron, lower standard deviation and contain micron blow out in our black lines. Our males are selected for frame, fleece, fertility and temperament. We believe that calm easily managed alpacas are as important to the commercialization of the alpaca industry as the fleece and growth rate. Good temperaments equal easy management.

Our Black Herd


Although our black herd is not the largest in Australia we have devoted the last 25 years plus to developing superior black bloodlines resulting in consistent advanced fleece. Our black huacayas have superior density, low micron and advanced fleece style. Our genetics have been sought after both Nationally and internationally.


Each generation of blacks are cutting heavier weights, with lower micron and reduced guard hair. Our aim was to have a core group of quality black breeding females with tight genetic lines to ensure that we have predictability in our progeny. We have now attained our original goal and have an exceptional core group of black dams producing high quality consistent progeny. Progeny from theses bloodlines are available for sale, check out our sales page or call us for more information.


Breeding Grey - A natural progression


We have always been fascinated by greys and given the close genetic link between black and grey it was only natural that we would choose to breed grey as well as black.

Our black and grey lines are closely aligned, therefore they have very similar attributes to our blacks and we have strived to produce the same high fleece standards in both colours. We are extremely happy to see that we are getting the same consistency in our grey breeding program as we have seen in our black breeding program.


As with our black lines we have established a core breeding herd and therefore regularly have progeny from these females for sale. To find out what we have available on our sales page or contact us directly