Unfortunately I don’t know of any retail butchers that sell alpaca meat in Victoria.There is one licensed alpaca abattior in Victoria Koallah Farm Boutique Abattior

It is legal to have livestock killed on farm for personal rations, but meat cannot be sold to the public. We use an on farm butcher to process our alpaca for personal consumption rather than taking alpacas to the abattior. Although meat processed in an approved abattior can in theory be sold to the public, the restrictions placed on retail sale of meat by Prime Safe is too cost prohibative for most alpaca breeders, especially as there is no established retail market.

The other reason we choose to have our animals killed and butchered on farm is because it reduces the stress on the animals.Alpacas are highly intelligent animals and they will stress if not managed correctly. We have had experience with stressed alpaca meat and it is not pleasant, it is tough and the adrenaline released into the muscle results in very unpleasant tasting meat.

There are really only two cost a two ways that alpaca meat can be purchased in Australia at the moment. One is to buy an alpaca for slaughter and either have it killed on farm or at an approved processor. The other is to buy on line from Prime Alpaca Australia

Some alpaca breeders have been selling meat at Farmers Markets, but due to Prime safe regulations they are unable to sell directly from the farm.