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We offer a range of alpacas to suite all budgets and purposes. You can view the animals for sale by a number of different methods including searching for specific requirements using the search form at the bottom of the page or by going to our sales page. Please use the navigation bar above to search for the alpacas you are looking for. Not all alpacas are listed, if you are not able to find what you are looking for please Contact us with your specific request.​

Stud Services

Our stud sires are selected for fleece frame and temparament. We have a selction of colours from our own breeding program and from introduced bloodlines. Our stud sires are available for outside mating, but we do not provide mobile mating services. Prices and conditions are available on our stud services page.

Herd Guards

Herd guards are cost effective livestock protectors and always available. All males guaranteed castrated Non-breeding females also available. Ongoing husbandry support and advice provided. Full replacement guarantee, if not satisfied. We have been selling guards to farmers in the Wimmera for over 10 years, with many of our return clients more than happy to provide testimonials. We provide back-up husbandry services to our clients. Give us a call to learn more. Alpacas have proven to be very effective protecting livestock against predators such as foxes and the cuteness factor of young animals often attracts inexperienced buyers. Entire males should never be purchased as herd guards. They have the potential to kill ewes and goats. It is also very unwise to buy an entire male as a pet and bottle fed males can also be dangerous as they get older and bigger. As with any animal purchase it is important to do your homework first and ensure that you are buying from a reputable breeder.