Livestock Sales Agreement

Breeding Stock

1. Females sold pregnant (excluding pets) are sold with a live cria guarantee. Should a pregnant female terminate her
pregnancy or have a still born cria or the cria dies within the first week of birth, the vendor will provide a free return mating.
This warrantee is void if the loss of pregnancy or death of cria is the result of mismanagement or neglect and is limited to
return mating’s being conducted on the farm of the vendor.
2. The vendor will pay the cost of registrations and transfers for all animals sold for more than $2200 per head unless
otherwise negotiated between the buyer and seller.
3. Unproven females sold for the purpose of breeding come with a fertility guarantee. It is the responsibility of the purchaser
to prove that the animal sold is infertile by veterinary examination and that infertility is not the result of mismanagement,
neglect or accidental injury. If the female is proven to be infertile at 36 months of age, the female will be replaced with a
suitable female of equivalent quality and age.
4. Unproven males sold for breeding are sold with a fertility guarantee and certification guarantee. Where the sale price is less
than $2200 the cost of certification is the responsibility of the purchaser. If the male is determined to be infertile by the age
of 36 months by veterinary examination, a full refund of the original purchase price will apply upon request and return of the
animal. This guarantee is void if the infertility is caused by neglect, mismanagement or accidental injury.
5. Unless otherwise specified in advertising material these terms and conditions apply to all sales of breeding stock, sold by or
on behalf of the vendor.
6. Other special conditions negotiated between the seller and buyer must be in writing and signed and dated by the parties to
the sale.

Herd Guards

1. All guards are sold with a replacement guarantee. If the purchaser is not satisfied with
a specific guard, it will be replaced
with a herd guard of a similar age or as agreed by the parties to the sale.
2. All male alpaca sold as guards are sold castrated
3. Non- breeding females sold as guards are not sold for the purpose of breeding and
therefore are not sold with any
guarantees in relation to fertility.
4. Refunds of purchase price does not apply.

General Conditions

1. The purchaser is liable for a weekly agistment fee for alpacas purchased but remaining on the farm of the seller until
collection by the purchaser or their agent.
2. The seller is bound to provide all reasonable care to alpacas that are agisted on behalf of the purchaser but is not
responsible for accidental injury or death of the alpacas left in the seller’s care.

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